About JFC

Junior Football Championship

Welcome to Mumbai’s most exciting professionally run football league! And welcome to one of the best football grounds in the city!

We are looking forward to providing your child and you with fun filled Saturdays of sports, adrenalin, team spirit, music and food – the perfect way to spend a day out with the family. With four matches going on simultaneously on the ground, we hope that parents, relatives and friends will be there to cheer on or even help coach the future football stars. Younger siblings and friends can enjoy a program designed especially for them in the Soccer Tots area.

We have excellent Indian and international coaches. But the JFC is much more than quality soccer training. It’s a fun program which uses football as a medium for children to learn team work, discipline, build character and get fit. Apart from the league, we provide regular weekly training sessions in convenient locations across Mumbai, Chandigarh and shortly in Pune (and many more cities soon).

3 Day Soccer Summer Camp